What is FXCM?

FXCM Exchange (FX or FXCM) is the cornerstone of all international capital transactions and surpasses the huge American domestic money markets in terms of liquidity and depth; even the futures and stock markets are insignificant in comparison.

The majority of FXCM Exchange transactions are neither directly related to international trade nor to international settlements but are in fact speculative in nature. For every trade-related transaction in the FXCM Market, there maybe quite a few speculative ones. FXCM Exchange is one of the world's fastest growing industry today and its growth can be attributed to its substantial liquidity and to the orderly manner in which it functions.

Spot FX, unlike stocks and futures instruments, are not traded on an exchange. Through technological advances in the electronic and telecommunications fields, networks of banks and brokers have gained access to a virtually instantaneous system of global transfers of information, data and funds. With the aid of such developments, spot FX has gained a significant advantage over other financial products that are limited to certain time zones and have to endure the erratic strains and confusion of trading floors.

Banks and brokers these days operate on screen-based systems where two-way prices are continuously fed in and dealt on by participants. These systems allow for greater transparency and instantaneous access to price information anywhere in the world.